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The East Oregonian Gallery at the Pendleton Center for the Arts is a beautiful space for viewing a wide range of artwork. Funded by the East Oregonian, publisher of the local daily paper since 1875, the gallery is flanked by large windows original to the building, bamboo floor and more than 1800 square feet of display area.

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Selections from the Collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation

March 10 - April 29, 2017


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Chuck Close (born 1940) is widely regarded at one of the greatest living artists in the world. Since the late 1960s he’s explored a myriad of styles and techniques for depicting the human face, beginning with his own. In addition to painting in his studio, he has worked in collaboration with the best printmaking and papermaking facilities in the United States, often breaking new ground in the creation of works on paper.

“This exhibit is so informative, not just from an artistic point of view, but also a technical one,” states Roberta Lavadour, Director of the Pendleton Center for the Arts. “The technical expertise and collaborative skill is breathtaking. Some of the works in the exhibit feature more than 100 ink colors and many dozens of trips through hand-operated printing presses. Several of the works feature pulp ‘painted’ handmade paper.”

Visitors to the gallery will get a rare view of some of Close’s most notable prints, many rendered in a grid style to break images into a series of small compositions. From a distance the pieces appear almost photorealistic, but up close, the abstract nature of the artwork’s components reveals itself.

The works are on loan from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation. “Chuck Close is the master portrait artist of our time. For tens of thousands of years, artists have drawn faces, but no one has taken the art of portraiture to the same level as Chuck Close. He is a brilliant artist,” said Schnitzer. “His portraits are a mirror of not only his subjects, but of all of us.”

Schnitzer’s passion for the work itself is surpassed only by his enthusiasm for sharing the collection with diverse audiences around the country. His connection with Pendleton goes back many years, and he is a regular at the Pendleton Round-Up.

“We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to share this work with people in eastern Oregon,” Lavadour. “This is work that is usually reserved for major museums in urban areas.” In addition to providing funding for the exhibit, Schnitzer is helping to fund a range of outreach activities to ensure that as many young people see the work as possible. Classes from as far away as Baker City are planning trips to bring students to Pendleton for gallery tours and art projects inspired by Close’s work. With the help of the
Education Foundation of Pendleton, every sixth grader in Pendleton will visit as well. The exhibit received additional funding from the Wildhorse Foundation.

2017 Open Regional Exhibit

Breaking all previous records for participation, 173 works of art were submitted for the 2017 Open Regional, spanning a range of mediums, including painting, encaustic, fiber arts, pottery and glass.

Listen to Judge Nicole Pietrantoni’s gallery talk HERE.

We’re proud to partner with
Banner Bank to present this exhibit each year.

July 1-29, 2017

What does blue sound like?

Included in this selection of 21 artists who are represented by
PDX CONTEMPORARY ART is a resin sculptural piece by Los Angeles sculptor and installation artist Johannes Girardoni. Using the iPhone app he created, the color blue/green is turned into sound waves. Load the app on your own phone before you come or use the iPhone we have here.


Full roster of artists on exhibit in the East Oregonian Gallery:




SMALL WORKS, AUG 1-26, 2017

We invited some of our favorite local artists to create work in smaller (and more affordable!) formats. Featured artists include:

Joyce Anderson, Roy Anderson, Judith Baumann, Lorie Baxter, Nika Blasser, Kevin Boylan,

Hiroko Cannon, Shari Dallas, Bonnie Griffith, Carl Merkle, Penny Michel, Michelle Miller,

Brian Purnell, Amy Rogers, Lori Sams, Alice Thomas

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There are great places to see Louise Bourgeois’ work; The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Tate Modern in London, and… the Pendleton Center for the Arts in Pendleton, Oregon!

We are proud to present work by one of the most important artists of the 20th Century in the East Oregonian Gallery here at PCA. Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) was a French-American artist whose work explores themes of childhood, domesticity, family, gender roles and sexuality. While her room-sized spider sculptures are probably the most recognizable works of her long career, she was an accomplished printmaker whose works on paper were created over a span of 70 years. The images selected from the collection of
Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation provide an important overview of her work. Thanks to Schnitzer's generous support, admission to this exhibit is free for all ages.


Check out some great videos about her work at the Musuum of Modern Arts' website, and don’t miss the documentary about Louise streaming on Amazon Prime right now, Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the Mistress, and the Tangerine.

Through May 5 in the

East Oregonian Gallery

Admission to the exhibit is FREE, thanks to the generosity of Jordan D. Schnitzer Family Foundation, Wildhorse Foundation, and the
Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation.

You can launch videos about Louise and the print-making methods on display right from your personal device.

Watch the talk that collector Jordan Schnitzer gave at the Opening Reception HERE.